I visited my friends over at Epiphany Preschool yesterday. Every day, a different class spends the day outside learning about nature.

Today, I dropped in on the pre-kindergarten class.  Our first plan was to look at a bunch of tree cookies. But, a daddy longlegs appeared from under one of the cookies. Shrieks and scary human sounds filled the air. Then, when the little guy crawled on my sleeve, things got interesting. We talked about how spiders and other wild things don't really like screaming. 

Then one of my new friends, Alex, thought he would like to hold the spider. Does it tickle when it walks? Kind of.

Will it bite? It's mouth is kind of tiny so I don't know if it would be able to hurt much.

We were surprised to see that its legs were different lengths.

It didn't take long before everyone wanted to know what it was like to feel a spider crawling on their arm. 

Our spider put up with us for a long time before it finally dropped to the ground and headed for a cool dark place to hide.

All the kids felt very brave for having watched the spider crawl around and even crawl on each other. 



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